6th Dimensional Healing Demon Possession Recipe


Homeopathic Medicine Recipe.

Jesus Christ cast a demon out of a man. The Bible says, the possessed man lived by the tombs, and no one could tame or chain him for he would break his chains. "And always, night and day, he was in the mountains, and in the tombs, crying, and cutting himself with stones." (Mark 5:5.)

The possessed often has a superhuman strength in the physical body, or an overall strength like a Hitler from the demons. (Luke 8:30 "And Jesus Christ asked him, saying, What is thy name? And he said, Legion: because many devils were entered into him.") As each possession case is unique, see Martin Malachi's book, Hostage to the Devil: The Possession and Exorcism of Five Living Americans, (1976.) for other examples of what is of the "astral plane", hierarchies of dark souls, darth veders. Father Malachi Martin, now the Ascended Master Malachi, has furthermore taught at the Archangel Michael Assignment and gives these names also of demons:

  • Agent advocating finch.

  • Anthropod.

  • Badger dog.

  • Black egg laying chicken.

  • Butcherbird.

  • Cackle chicken.

  • Conceal grasshopper.

  • Crane.

  • Half-leech worm.

  • Meddling and obnoxious fly.

  • Narcissistic coypu.

  • Night antbear.

  • Noxious coonhound.

  • Overdate mammoth.

  • Prey incisor.

  • Salamandra and Iguana. (From the Inside Jihad Series.)

  • Territorial pig.

  • Tramp and stupor anteater.

  • Tubeworm.

  • Wenching puffin.

  • Whip scorpion.

  • Worker bee.

MALACHI: Although the homeopathic medicines for demon possession are given here, there is much more to eradicate the demons. There is a need to recant the vows made in satanic worship or astral plane encounters. It is necessary for you to not only remove any vows and incantations you have made of the dark, you have a belief system that you accept that you have no soul, you have no conscience, you are not accountable for the death of your soul. And this takes script work, it takes NLP in order to change the words and works and deeds where you would go into situations with satanic arrogance to demand your wishes.

EMANZIANDIE: In satanism, they believe that they are entitled to do evil as a freedom of worship. The first tenet of the satanic bible is that you do whatever you wish as long as you do no harm to another, and they consider it no harm to either sacrifice humans in what they say does not notice, or to cast spells where the other person would not notice.

There is the need to understand the nature of the demons that seek to torment, to traumatize and to in sadism to either persecute oneself or another. It is the pleasure he might derive from taking the wings off of a fly for example. You can read my book I had written as Erich Fromm entitled "Anatomy of Destructiveness" to see what are the case histories on Adolf Hitler and Josep Stalin that you might learn of these evils. You would in addition learn of necrophilia from the book.

MALACHI: Necromancy is alluded to in Hostage to the Devil.

I was a Catholic priest.

It was out of the love of Jesus Christ that the demons were cast out of people. Psychologists and psychotherapists do not have the same level of fire in loving kindness to cast out the demons.

Thus it was Jesus Christ who taught on casting out the demons, it is how you see that it is a sacrament of the Church, in doing what Jesus Christ taught, "love one another as I have loved you, as the Christ in himself, Jesus Christ said in how we must live in a life of Christ worship and belief.

Commentary: What is similar is that the possessed does not own his will totally. From feeling worthless, a person allows himself to be possessed, for the demon makes him feel power, attention and worthiness. Therefore to have a demon partner or sponsor, is a comfort. In an exorcism, the possessed must recant his contract with the demon, dark angel, familiar or voices.

A demon-possessed person, like the man living by the tombs, may not be cutting himself--but rather those children assigned to him. The cruelty inflicted by a psychotic parent is aimed to defeat the child's will. Through abuses and hopelessness, the parent wants the child enslaved, so the child too begins to hear the voice of his demon.

Present laws do not protect these traumatized children enough. In the guardianship of children, blood rights give precedence to biological parents. Children must suffer bruises, bone fractures from beatings, repeated sexual abuse and even death before a community can remove a child from harm. Also the label of "psychotic" or "nut," rather than "demon possessed," allows the abuse of children to continue.

Children who are fortunate enough to be free of these demon possessed families have a hopeful future. They can receive some loving kindness to "leaven the whole loaf" (Galatians 5:9) from neighbors or from community. If a child at the end of beatings and despair, has not accepted the lies of the demons' voices, he can be restored with the homeopathic remedies to a useful, even if not a full life, as long as he can live in a safe environment. Then step-by-step, the PTSD and remaining anxiety and depression, can be lessened or removed, even should he still have multiple personalities. He will, however, for the remainder of his life, take the medicine, Stramonium, as needed for terror.

Take these medicines in 30c potency.

1. Cedron.

2. Peganam.

3. Viscum Album.

4. Stramonium.

5. With fearful anxiety about death, add Magnesium Sulphuricum.

6. With paranoia, add Bovista.