6th Dimensional Healing Depression Suicide Recipe


Homeopathic Medicine recipes.

  • Depression General

    After giving birth/Postpartum



    1. Xantoxylum.

    2. Natrum Muriaticum.

  • Bi-Polar

    One who has extreme swings of high energy, incessant activity and talking. He has ideas of exalted abilities. Then he falls into depression and lacks energy. Take this recipe either during the mania or during the depression state:

    1. Viper (any)

    2. Nitricum Acidum

    3. Xantoxylum

  • Suicide

    One who despairs and thinks of taking his life.

    1. Aurum Metallicum.

    2. Magnesium Sulphuricum.

    3. Xantoxylum.

    4. Natrum Muriaticum.