6th Dimensional Healing Anxiety Recipe


Homeopathic Medicine Recipe.

Add Silicea with any eating disorders like obesity, anorexia, bulimia.

  • Anxiety

    One with fearful thoughts that cause physical stress like trembling, agitation, palpitations, hyper-vigilance in sensing danger.

    1. Causticum

    2. Aethusa

    3. Natrum Muriaticum.

  • Generalized Anxiety

    One worries excessively.

    1. Ignatia

    2. Causticum

  • Obsessive-compulsive

    One intolerant of disorder and imperfection. One might check whether a stove burner is off ten times before leaving the house.

    1. Dysenteriae

    2. Baryta Carb.

  • Paranoia

    One who does not trust others. He has concerns about threats to his safety, security, self-respect.


  • Panic attacks

    One with anxiety. An acute state of heart pain, difficulty breathing.

    1. Aconitun Napellus.

    4 hrs. later: 2. Carbo Vegetabilis.

  • 3. Causticum.

    4. Aethusa.

    5. Natrum Muriaticum.

  • Phobias

    Unresolved past life traumas that cause panic, such as fear of dogs (killed by a wild animal), agoraphobia (died in concentration camp), claustrophobia (died by suffocation).

    1. Cedron

    2. Aconite

  • 3. Seoia.

    4. Natrum Muriaticum.

  • Social phobias.

    One with anxiety in social situations or public speaking.

    1. Gelsemium