Build the Home Kit



To build the Home Kit, buy the 30c medicine potency. The medicines listed can also be in the LM10 potency for those with greater aggravations or sensitivies.

What's in the Home Kit. View the plant, mineral source

    Listed below are:

  • Home Kit medicines in 30c potency kit.
  • 5 tune-up medicines to take each year.

Name Potency Source Full Name
Aconite 30C Monkshood Aconitum Napellus
Allium Sativa (Garlic) 30C __/td> __/td>
Antimonium Tartaricum 30C __/td> __/td>
Apis Mellifica 30C Honey bee Apis Mellifica
Arnica Montana 30C Leopard's bane Arnica Montana
Arsenicum Album 30C Arsenious oxide Arsenicum Album
Aurum Metallicum 30C Gold Aurum Metallicum
Baryta Carbornica 30C Barium Baryta Carbonica
Belladonna 30C Atropa belladonna Belladonna
Bryonia Alba 30C White bryony Bryonia Alba
Calcarea Carbonica 30C __/td> __/td>
Calcarea Fluorica 30C __/td> __/td>
Calcarea Phosphorica 30C Phosphate of Lime Calcarea Phosphorica
Cantharis 30C __/td> __/td>
Carbo Vegetablis 30C Charcoal Carbo Vegetabilis
Causticum 30C Calcium hydroxide and potassium bisulphate Causticum
Cedron 30C Simaba Cedron Cedron
Chamomilla 30C Wild chamomile Chamomilla
Cocculus 30C __/td> __/td>
Ferrum Phosphorica 30C Phosphate of iron Ferrum Phosphoricum
Gelsemium 30C Yellow Jasmine Gelsemium Sempervirens
Gnaphalium Dioicum 30C __/td> __/td>
Helleborus 30C __/td> __/td>
Hepar Sulphurium 30C Flowers of sulphur Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum
Histamine (...for allergies) 30C Histamine Histamine
Hyoscyamus 30C Henbane Hyoscyamus Niger
Ipecac 30C Ipecac root Ipecacuanha
Kali Carbonicum 30C __/td> __/td>
Kali Phosphoricum 30C Phosphate of potassium Kali Phosphoricum
Laurocerasus 30C __/td> __/td>
Ledum Palustre 30C Wild rosemary Ledum Palustre
Lithium Carbonicum 30C __/td> __/td>
Lyssin 30C Saliva of rapid dog. Lyssin Hydrophobinum
Magnesia Phosphoricum 30C Phosphate of magnesium Magnesium Phosphoricum
Manganum Metallicum 30C __/td> __/td>
Mercurius 30C Quicksilver Mercurius Vivus or Mercurius Sobulis
Mercurius Corrosivus 30C Corrosive Sublimate Mercurius Corrosivus
Natrum Carbonicum 30C __/td> __/td>
Natrum Muriaticum 30C Sodium chloride Natrum Muriaticum
Natrum Phosphoicum 30C __/td> __/td>
Natrum Sulphuricum 30C __/td> __/td>
Nux Vomica 30C Strychnos nux vomica Nux Vomica
Olibanum Sacrum 30C Frankincense Olibanum Sacrum
Phosphorus 30C Bone ash Phosphorus
Plumbum Metallicum 30C __/td> __/td>
Pulsatilla 30C Wind flower Pulsatilla Niger
Rhus Toxicodendron 30C Poison ivy and oak Rhus Toxicodendron
Ruta Graveolens 30C Rue bitterwort Ruta Graveolens
Secale 30C Ergot Secale Cornutum
Silicea 30C Silica. Pure flint. Silicea
Silphinum 30C __/td> __/td>
Spongia 30C Sea sponge Spongia Tosta
Stannum Metallicum 30C __/td> __/td>
Stramonium 30C Thorn apple Stramonium
Strophanthus Hispidus 30C Kombe seeds Strophanthus Hispidus
Sulfur 30C Sulphur Sulfur
Symphytum 30C Comfrey Symphytum
Taraxacum (Dandelion) 30C __/td> __/td>
Thuja 30C Arbor vitae Thuja Occidentalis
Titanium Metallicum 30C __/td> __/td>
Veratrum Album 30C White hellebore Veratrum Album
Veratrum Viride 30C White American hellebore Veratrum Viride
Viper (any) 30C Viper snake German viper, Common viper, etc.
Viscum Album 30C __/td> __/td>
Xantoxylum 30C __/td> __/td>
Yers 30C __/td> __/td>
Yohimbehe 30C Coryanthe Yohimbe Yohimbehe
Zinc Phosphoricum 30C Zinc Zinc Phosphoricum Metallicum
FIVE TUNE-UPs. To take once a year.
1. Allium Sativa 30C Garlic Allium Sativa
2. Antimonium Tart. 30C Tartar emetic Antimonium Tartaricum
3. Natrum Sulph. 30C Sulphate of Sodium Natrum Sulphuricum
4. Taraxacum 30C Dandelion Plant Taraxacum
5. Zingiber 30C Ginger Zingiber

Q. How do you use the Home Kit?

If you can identify the ailment, look in the Ailment Index. If it is not listed, go the Keynote Index to find the closest vibration.

One medicine may not be enough. See the newspage for examples. Do not be surprised that most conditions require an orchestration of many medicines. Fortunately, many are in the home kit.

Let's run through an example using keynotes. Who has never had sharp pain? For that, I would think of either Aconite or Belladonna. Both are known for sharp, not dull pain. We read from the Keynote Index:

Keynote: After a fright. Fear of death.
Another vibe key: "I pierced my eye with a staple."
Another vibe key: "I feel a sharp knife stabbing me."
Keynote: Sudden and violent.
Another vibe key: "When I have a fever or pain, it comes on suddenly and with great intensity."
Another vibe key: "The intensity makes me delirious."

Does it matter if the sharp pain is in the head, tonsils, neck, chest, stomach, liver, kidney, feet? No. Do you need to know the name of the disease? No. As long as it is a sharp pain, you use Aconite or Belladonna. What is difficult might be determining the vibration. You can read about these two medicines further in the Medical Book and pick the best one. Then, if the sharp pain does not go away, you try the other. If it is in the stomach, you may need to go to the next medicine for food poisoning, cramps, diarrhea, etc.

Let's do another example. Perhaps you have heard of someone having a heart attack. The story goes something like this:
The taxi driver got lost.
The traffic was heavy.
The birthday party was too much excitement.
I was with my cousin, and he did not recognize the symptoms.
The emergency room was packed and slow.

Nowhere on this list is what the person did for himself. Rather, if this person was a male and had sharp pain, he could have reached for Aconite. A female (if with less sharpness), then Belladonna. It all depends on the vibration of the symptom in the person having a heart attack. This only the patient knows. Another consideration is Carbo Veg. (Keynote: Must have more air.) He might have noticed over the past few weeks, that he was gasping for air or feels a hardening of tissue, as air is not getting to the heart muscle.

As one is trying to find a vibration of a symptom, there will be times one will try to think spherically, not just logically. Take for example, the Keynote "Must have more air" for Carbo Veg. Gasping for more air will not always be present, but the vibration will be. The keynote represents a vibration that fits many situations, not always literal but fits nevertheless. One may not have a need for more air, but one may need more air in other ways, such as:

  • A muscle that needs more air might be tingling. It feels like "pins and needles."
  • In a seizure, an oxygen mask is put on someone's face to help bring in more oxygen.
  • Dizziness might indicate needing more oxygen.
  • Having blue fingers is a need for more air.
  • Any organ that has the vibration such as the loss of eyesight in multiple sclerosis may mean a need for more oxygen.
  • A heart attack may be one of needing more oxygen.
  • One is not feeling well due to heavy smog, a forest fire that blows smoke, a trip into higher altitudes or an airplane ride.

Let's do another example. The medicine Causticum has the Keynote: Excessive sympathy for others. Here are possible expressions of "excessive" sympathy:

  • fighting for the "underdog" in politics.
  • caregiver to family and not taking care of oneself.
  • panic attacks (sympathy for imaginary event).
  • anxiety (sympathy for future events).
  • phobias (sympathy for past life events).

"Sympathy" is different than "compassion." One is uplifting, and the other pulls one down to another person or event's lower vibration. The keynote is a vibration that can be used in more than in the literal way.

Often one finds the vibration by quieting the mind and by going outside of any pre-conceived ideas and educated guesses. Rather, one can stop any chit-chat within oneself and open the heart to hear the Doctor Inside of the 6th dimension. (Ask and you shall receive.) The answer returns as a keynote vibration that leads to the medicine. You are not alone. Hahnemann called this directing intelligence, the Vital Force. I call it the Doctor Inside.

Q. To make this worthwhile, how frequently will I be using my kit?

Every medicine may turn out to be useful at some point in your life. Let's take a somewhat typical person's timeline:

  • 40 years ago: I have never felt well since a measles-mumps-rubella vaccination.
  • 30 years ago: My uncle committed suicide, and I was close to him. Got asthma.
  • 25 years ago: I had a car accident and developed chronic back pain.
  • 20 years ago: Life is difficult. I became addicted to alcohol until Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • 10 years ago: I underwent a divorce. Children estranged. I gained 50 pounds. I became afraid of the dark.
  • 5 years ago: I lost my retirement savings. Retirement is postponed.

Now this typical person comes to me for a condition. What do I treat first? There are other traumas not treated. Treat whatever the Doctor Inside sends out as a symptom first. Then, as the body is made ready in mind and spirit, the next cycle will bring up the next set of symptoms to apply medicines. The Doctor Inside will let you know in a synchronicity or an outright symptom. Let's say, our typical patient becomes angry at a clerk for giving him wrong change. He was reacting to the clerk, because it was a suppressed emotion unresolved from his ex-wife. The emotional symptom helps identify the keynote to right this imbalance. Maybe at that time, he needed to be understood, so now he is in a Pulsatilla state (Keynote: Likes sympathy). He recognizes the vibration for Pulsatilla and takes the medicine.

The person who can look within himself, identify the vibration, and match it to the medicine will make the most progress, as looking to blame someone outside of oneself will delay using the Home Kit to heal. Also the judging of co-workers, politicians and anyone else for one's state but only delays a healing. Living in an awareness of what vibrations are not healthy will lead one to a keynote to find a medicine to take. Over time, many of the conditions listed from 40 years ago, are eliminated.

The Home Kit contain remedies that Hahnemann used to cure chronic diseases. At times, you will need to consider more than one medicine for a single ailment. The keynotes of the Old Masters help you, for the typical person will meet many old unresolved challenges over a period of time. One does not take the medicines all in one sitting, but in cycles, in the timing directed by the Doctor Inside. He knows your history and will gently lead you to the next healing crisis and resolution.

Life has many tests and lessons. Will one become addicted to drugs? Will one develop a vile temper? Brood over an injustice? Through a self-conscious matching of a vibration to a medicine, the Home Kit can help in passing life's many tests.

Q. Which potency do I use?

The 30c and LM10 for sensitive people. The 30c is not powerful enough in chronic disease which requirea taking the 30c weekly for say 9 months. Also see How to Take Recipes.

Q. I may be a "sensitive." What should I buy?

You wcan start with the LM3. If the dings are bearable, go higher to the next potency until the right one appears. Try LM10 to start with.

Q. Why is this important to do?

Over the last decade, food manufacturers have been shut down for e-coli and salmonella poisoning--lettuce, tomatoes, peanuts, etc. It would be naive to think it was some careless factory worker causing your illness. No. It is the way we grow our food. A few decades ago, I could purchase a commercial carrot, and it would be good for months in the refrigerator. Now it lasts less than a week. (This has to do with chemical farming.) The least you can do as an individual, is to learn how to heal yourself when you get food poisoning. Staying healthy is not a matter of boycotting a food chain or a brand name, but to be able to reach for a medicine right away when rotten food enters the body.

Over the news, you hear about the rapid spread of viruses through people traveling on planes or a flocks of birds moving normally across countries as they do. These are beyond your control. You could learn how to deal with viruses before the media reports of a disease spread. Instead of delaying treatment such as how some people take their child to the emergency room for a flu, the flu can be treated comfortably at home. hear about job losses. Families are disrupted over these traumatic times when bills come due or when food and house is threatened. The Home Kit has medicines for emotional stress, losses and griefs. hear about how people cannot afford medical insurance. Folks, insurance is not health! You have a Doctor Inside that will heal you. To get healthy may mean a change of diet. But for sure, staying healthy will include a Home Kit for many normal health needs.

Homeopathy has a track record of over 200 years in healing not only common ailments but chronic diseases. Learning to use the Home Kit is illuminated by using the Ailment Index, the Keynote Index and Boericke's Medical Book. Furthermore, for some common chronic conditions not covered in the Ailment Index, I give you my home recipes partially--to get you going until the America's Medicine book is purchased. Don't get hung-up on medical jargon. Hahnemann had about 100 medicines he worked with while alive. And most of the Home Kit medicines are like salt in the kitchen, covering the basic medical needs of the human body.

The keynotes were written down from the actual experience of the Old Masters in homeopathy from the 1900s. It describes in a few words the vibration that runs through the medicine. Remember, the Doctor Inside is smarter than any doctor. He sends out symptoms to communicate with you. By learning a medicine's tone and vibration each time you take a medicine, then when the Doctor Inside wishes to communicate with you, you can speak in his language.

Even though an Ailment Index is simplier to use, the keynotes to your Home Kit medicines are only 50 in number. Let's say you look in the Ailment Index and take a medicine. If you can get into the habit to read about the medicine in the Keynote Index and Boericke's Medical Book of what you just took, over time, you'll learn the vibration and be familiar from having taken the medicine yourself.

The 50 medicines are made of holograms, not substance. Your Home Kit should last many decades. You don't need to keep buying medicines. Over time, as you experiment on yourself, you become skillful and the Home Kit will act as a tool box for many varied conditions.