Keynote Index

How to use this Index: During the 19th century Golden Age of homeopathy in America, the Old Masters wrote down timeless keynotes for the medicines. The doctors included: H.C. Allen, Boericke, Boger, Clarke, Cowperthwaite, Dewey, Guernsey, Hering, Lippe, Nash, Yingling. Also, Julian.

More keynotes also added.


Main Keynote (Old Masters): After a fright. Fear of death.

Other Keys: "I pierced my eye with a staple." "I feel a sharp knife stabbing me."

Allium Sativa (Garlic)

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Increasing peristalsis.

Other Keys: Bowels torpid.

Antimonium Tartaricum

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Dislikes to be looked at or touched.

Other Keys: "My skin looks like crud." "Don't get near me. I can be cross if you annoy me."

Apis Mellifica

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Pains like bee stings.

Other Keys: "I get red in the face when I feel hatred or jealousy." "I toss and turn, hot and tiny needles prick me."

Arnica Montana

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Bad effects of mechanical injuries.

Other Keys: "I have bruises everywhere." "I fell down a flight of stairs. I'm fine."

Arscenicum Album

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Septic infections.

Other Keys: Antiseptic. "I have pus in the sore." "My tongue's burning. My stomach's burning."

Aurum Metallicum

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Desperate actions.

Other Keys: "I can't see clear. My eyeball is paralyzed." "I'm tired of life."

Baryta Carbonica

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Don't grow.

Other Keys: "I have low self-confidence in social settings." "My muscles are heavy and stubborn."


Main Keynote (Old Masters): Sudden and violent.

Other Keys: "When I have a fever or pain, it comes on suddenly and with great intensity." "The intensity makes me delirious."

Bryonia Alba

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Aggravation from any motion.

Other Keys: "It hurts more if I move it or put pressure on it." "I can't walk; I have pins and needles in my feet. "

Calcarea Carbonica

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Profuse perspiration of the head.

Other Keys: "I sweat easily." "I worry about the future."

Calcarea Fluorica

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Stony hardness.

Other Keys: Stony deposits in varicose veins, glands, piles, tumors, joints.

Calcarea Phosphorica

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Malassimilation

Other Keys: "I have polyps." "I get worse in a weather change or cold draft."


Main Keynote (Old Masters): Violent pains in bladder.

Other Keys: "My bladder feels on fire." "I want to urinate, but hardly anything comes out."

Carbo Vegetablis

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Must have more air.

Other Keys: "I'm having difficulty breathing." "I can't remember as well as I used to. My thoughts are slower."


Main Keynote (Old Masters): Excessive sympathy for others.

Other Keys: "I can't watch the TV news. I get upset at what people do to each other." "If there are dry and cold winds, my face feels paralyzed."


Main Keynote (Old Masters): Worse after sleeping.

Other Keys: "My symptom follows a regular cycle." "My mind has been poisoned."


Main Keynote (Old Masters): Uncivil irritability.

Other Keys: "I could scream!" "This ear pain is excruciating."


Main Keynote (Old Masters): Spasms in inner parts.

Other Keys: "Ever since taking that drug, my bowels haven't been running." "I get carsick."

Ferrum Phosphoricum

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Fiery red face.

Other Keys: "When he gets emotional, his face turns beet red." "I feel like an anemic carrot."


Main Keynote (Old Masters): Great lassitude.

Other Keys: "I feel too weak to move." "I'm shaking, but I don't feel cold."

Gnaphalium Dioicum

Main Keynote: Part turbulent, part spastic gut.

Other Keys: Sciatia nerve. Colic. First stage of cholera infantum.


Main Keynote (Old Masters): Convulsive twitching of muscles.

Other Keys: "I feel like I'm walking around in a coma." "What happened plays over and over like a broken record in my head."

Hepar Sulphicum

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Extremely sensitive to cold air.

Other Keys: "I usually catch a cold in cold air." "I feel like fainting with the slightest pain."


Main Keynote (medicine was made after the Old Masters): Tickling in the throat.

Other Keys: "I have chronic allergies." "My nose gets blocked on one side."


Main Keynote (Old Masters): Nymphomania

Other Keys: "I'm afraid someone will injure me. I want to run away." "I have cramps in my stomach."


Main Keynote (Old Masters): Clutching and squeezing of the abdomen.

Other Keys: "I get nauseated if I don't have the car window open." "I have a sinking stomach."

Kali Carbonicum

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Obstinate

Other Keys: "The food I eat feels like a load in my stomach." "I have ropy mucous."

Kali Phosphoricum

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Prostration from want of nerve power.

Other Keys: World collapsing.>


Main Keynote: Injuries of heart concerns.

Other Keys: Rejection, intrigue and sophistry hurts.


Main Keynote (Old Masters): Puncture wounds.

Other Keys: "I was bitten by a dog." "The black and blue color from the blow turned green."

Lithium Carbonicum

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Whole body feels sore and heavy.

Other Keys: Violent needle pains. Weeps about his lonesome condition.


Main Keynote (Old Masters): Senses hypersensitive.

Other Keys: "I'm impatient." "I have a violent temper."

Magnesium Phos.

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Spasms

Other Keys: "I have menstral cramps." "When I get stomach cramps, I have to bend over."

Manganum Metallicum

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Destruction of red corpuscles, cells.

Other Keys: Anemia. Jaundice. Nephritis. Progressive wasting staggering gait.

Mercurius Corrosivus

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Corroding

Other Keys: Disintegrating Spiral. "I cannot walk without great pain." "Due to my failing health, I had to resign from my job."

Mercurius (Vivus or Solibulis)

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Tongue thickly coated.

Other Keys: "I have swollen glands." "I have deep bone pains, especially at night."

Natrum Carbonicum

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Exhaustion from least effort.

Other Keys: "I get a headache from the sun." "I feel like my world is falling apart."

Natrum Muriaticum

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Recalls misfortunes.

Other Keys: "My splitting headaches gets worse with any noise." "She gets mad, if you try to comfort her."

Natrum Phosphoricum

Main Keynote (Old Masters): The sour process.

Other Keys: Vexed at trifles. Imbalanced fearful palpitations.

Natrum Sulphuricum

Main Keynote: Imbalance of water element, in fire, air, water and earth.>

Other Keys: Worse in rainy weather. Part emotional, part unemotional.

Nux Vomica

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Tired on waking.

Other Keys: "I feel like a candle burning at both ends." "I have a hangover."

Olibanum Sacrum

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Quality of ”cancerous”.

Other Keys: At edge of death.


Main Keynote (Old Masters): Hemorrhages from various organs.

Other Keys: "Even though it's a small wound, it is bleeding a lot." "I have a chest cold."

Plumbum Metallicum

Main Keynote: Rapid emaciation. (Slow poisonings.)

Other Keys: Weakness in expressing oneself. Believes himself lost.

Pulsatilla Niger

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Likes sympathy.

Other Keys: "My child is whiney and clingy." "I cry so easily, at a drop of a pin."

Rhus Toxicodendron

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Better from continued motion.

Other Keys: "It's not so painful, if I keep moving it." "I can't sit too long before needing to move."

Ruta Graveolens

Main Keynote (Old Masters): With tightness.

Other Keys: "My whole body feels bruised." "I hurt my eye."

Secale Cornutum

Main Keynote (Old Masters): The slightest wound causes bleeding for weeks.

Other Keys: "My limbs feel as if beaten." "I feel shocks in my paralyzed limb."


Main Keynote (Old Masters): Promotes expulsion.

Other Keys: "My eyelid has a stye." "I feel chilly in a warm room."


Main Keynote (Old Masters): Chronic cough.

Other Keys: "I can hardly talk; I keep coughing." "My cough can wake me up when I'm asleep." Throat collapse.


Main Keynote (Old Masters): Pains increase and decrease slowly.

Other Keys: "My headache is better, if I put hard pressure on my head." "I'm prone to get chest colds."


Main Keynote (Old Masters): Expression of terror.

Other Keys: "I'm terrified. I imagine all sorts of bizarre things." "His eyes look wild."

Stophanthus Hispidus

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Increase contractile power of muscles.

Other Keys: Muscle poisoned..


Main Keynote (Old Masters): Congestion

Other Keys: "I feel a heat on the top of my head." "I have cold feet in the daytime with burning feet at night." Toothache.


Main Keynote (Old Masters): Stimulates growth after injuries.

Other Keys: "I have a bone fracture." "I have stomach ulcers."

Taraxacum (Dandelion)

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Bilious gastric..

Other Keys: Gallstones. Liver enlarged.

Thuja < Occidentalis /h3>

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Skin growths.

Other Keys: "I am secretive." "I feel fragile, made of glass."

Titanium Metallicum

Main Keynote: Mineral deficiency brought weakness.

Other Keys: Vertical hemiopia.

Veratrum Album

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Cold perspiration especially on the forehead.

Other Keys: "I feel very cold and tired." "My heart is beating wildly. I want to tear things up."

Veratrum Viride

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Utter prostration.

Other Keys: "I feel very cold and tired." "My whole head is congested." Women exhaustion from childbirth.


Main Keynote (Old Masters): Collapsed feeling (from jealousy and psychic attack).

Other Keys: Sticking in heart.

Viscum Album

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Weight and oppression of the heart.

Other Keys: "I have dreadful illusions." "My blood does not clot or wound heal." Made from mistletoe, spines of mistletoe suck out life of tree.


Main Keynote (Old Masters): As if surrounded by a tight band.

Other Keys: Made from prickly ash, breaks up tar substance as in brain.


Main Keynote (from master): Acute toxicosis of babies.

Other Keys: Very high fever.


Main Keynote (Old Masters): [Parkinson’s Disease:] Part muscle inability, part agitation with heat in face (mind activity).

Other Keys: Part impotence and part flying sensation in face. Chronic inflammation.

Zinc Phosphoricum

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Brain fag of businessmen.

Other Keys: "I have convulsive twitching and fidgety feet." "Any slight emotional excitement causes trembling."


Main Keynote (Old Masters): Asthma of gastric origin.

Other Keys: Symptoms worse with touch.


OLDER ENTIRES NOT IN KIT. For your information on keynote.


Main Keynote (Old Masters): In whatever lying position, the parts rested upon feel sore and bruised.

Other Keys: "This bed sure feels hard." "I feel so heavy, I can't sit up."

Bellis Perennis

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Injuries to deeper tissues.

Other Keys: "I had major surgery." "I have severe fatigue and restlessness."


Main Keynote (Old Masters): Indecision

Other Keys: Oscillating energy pattern. "I am unable to decide about anything." "I am inclined to weep."

Hecla Lava

Main Keynote (Old Masters): Bone Injury.

Other Keys: Rich minerals. "My bones hurt." "My diet has had no nutrition."


Main Keynote (Old Masters): Injuries to parts rich in nerves.

Other Keys: "I slammed the car door on my finger." "I stepped on a rusty nail."


Main Keynote (Old Masters): Absorbed in grief.

Other Keys: "I have been unhappy since losing my parent." "I like to worry."

Lac Humana

Main Keynote (medicine was made after the Old Masters): Dreams of a large family.

Other Keys: "I dread fights in my family." "I wear myself out taking care of my family."


Main Keynote (Old Masters): Full of gas.

Other Keys: Painful & smelly gas. Imperious manners.


Main Keynote (Old Masters): Dynamic antiseptic.

Other Keys: "I have poison oak." "I have a festering sore."


Main Keynote (Old Masters): Chronic skin condition.

Other Keys: Hopeless, despairs of recovery.


Main Keynote (Old Masters): Flushes of heat in the face, while the rest of the body is chilly.

Other Keys: "My whole body is burning, and I feel very restless." "I have night sweats or hot flushes."


Main Keynote (Old Masters): Red tongue.

Other Keys: "When I get sick, my face turns red." "I get a headache, if I go without food."


Main Keynote (Old Masters): Blood purifier.

Other Keys: "I have acne." "I have itchy scaly spots on my skin."


Main Keynote:Morality structure breakdown.

Other Keys: Drug user. Made from the compass plant that faces north.