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New Year

A GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD outer manifestation in the lineage of Christ


3-17-18. Entire. NOSTREDAME: US Constitution. Doc file.

3-01-18. Entire. NOSTREDAME: Declaration of Independence. Doc file.


4-08-18 Moshe: The Rewriting of the Talmud.

4-07-18 Mother Mary: The Rewriting of the Talmud.

4-06-18 Jews Accepting Jesus Christ.

4-05-18 Lineage Through Egypt. Mantle of Moshe.


Go to Reality Check Teachings.

4-13-18 Crossing the Maitreya Bridge.

4-12-18 The Aphorisms of the Talmud.

4-11-18 Balance of Power.

4-20-18. God Star Sirius.

4-19-18. The Cross.

4-18-18. Truth Greater Than Love.

4-16-18. Why Wars.

4-15-18. The "Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness" Commandment.

4-14-18. The 9:00 O'Clock Line of Honesty.


3-17-18. NOSTREDAME: Constitution 17th Century Common Law. See preliminary edits in blue. (3-14). Edits in purple (3-17).

3-04-18. NOSTREDAME: Constitution Rose Agriculture.

Go to How to Stretch Medicine

3-01-18. NOSTREDAME: Constitution. Edits in blue.

2-28-18. NOSTREDAME: Constitution Section 1-1.

2-27-18. NOSTREDAME: Constitution Opening Section.


3-02-18. DR BURNJEH: Keynotes Major List. Missing Hydrastis. Doc file. On doc file, in Internet Explorer, right click, select Save-target-as.

3-02-18. DR BURNJEH: Keynotes Minor List. No changes. Doc file.


2-18-18. MOSHE: The Eagles.

2-14-18. MOTHER MARY. Medicines Given in 2013 to Learn.

2-13-18. MOTHER MARY. Eagle Medicines to Learn.

1-29-18. MOTHER MARY. Marriage and Backdirect.


Foundational Teachings

Readings in the Practice of the Presence of God

1-27-18. God's Miracles. Coincidences 2. Mechanic Backdirect.

1-26-18. God's Miracles. Coincidences 1.

1-25-18. Sealing of Church Service and Sealing of Church.

1-24-18. The Calvary Highway of Holiness.

1-23-18. Providence.

1-22-18. JESUS CHRIST: Trevi Fountains. --Sound: Abbott & Costello "Who's on First?"

1-21-18. Miracle of Metaphysical Healing. Page 15-23. MALACHI; Some readings will be more difficult than others. Try her exercises. Just try the best you can.

1-20-18. MALACHI: Let Go and Let God.

1-14-18. MOTHER MARY: National Standard of Culture.

1-13-18. Mirror of Shekinah. Pioneers. Michael Jackson.

1-12-18. JOHN THE BELOVED. Etheric Retreat Example.

1-11-18. JESUS CHRIST. Mirror of Shekinah. Discipleship.

1-10-18. JESUS CHRIST. Mirror of Shekinah. Etheric Retreats.

1-09-18. SERAPIS BEY. Mirror of Shekinah. Stumping. ---Jesus Christ on Stumping.

1-08-18. MOSHE. Mirror of Shekinah.

12-31-17. MOTHER MARY. God Given Rights.

12-30-17. MOTHER MARY. The Meaning of "Vigil". Referenced: Bull-Lancer.

12-29-17. MOTHER MARY. Getting A Vision of the Untransmuted Backdirect.

12-28-17. ALPHA. The Core 9-hours of the Sabbath.

12-27-17. MOTHER MARY. Vision of the Church--Sounding of the Word. Referenced: Token Backdirect.

12-26-17. MOTHER MARY. Having the Vision of the Church.

12-25-17. MOTHER MARY. Christ Discernment. What Vatican II Did.

---Decree: Words of Elohim Astrea Decree.

--Sound: One Astrea Decree.

--Sound: An Astrea Decree Session.

12-24-17. MOTHER MARY. Christ Footsteps.

12-22-17. MOTHER MARY. More on the Christ Consciousness That Is About The Soul.

07-01-17. Adam & Eve: Reincarnation. See Mother Mary's Teaching from page 2 on the Christ consciousness that is about the soul.


12-06-17. Rhesus Monkey Study. Added to the drug section.

7-28-17. MOTHER MARY. The Final Judgement of Satan. Note: Page 2 "The Fall of Lucifer & Satan."

7-24-17. MOTHER MARY. The Next Step. Note: On "Our Lady" on page 10.

7-18-17. MOTHER MARY. Glastonbury. Note: Footnote added page 8.


12-12-17. MOTHER MARY. Madman Teacher of Jesus Christ III.

12-11-17. MOTHER MARY. Madman Teacher of Jesus Christ II.

12-10-17. MOTHER MARY. Madman Teacher of Jesus Christ.

12-09-17. MOTHER MARY. Eyes Right.

12-08-17. MOTHER MARY. "God Has Decided to Save the Earth".

12-07-17. MOTHER MARY. Bonfire. Note: footnotes added to page 3 and 4.

Christ Teachings on Drugs

11-28-17. MOTHER MARY. To Have A Free Nation.

11-29-17. MOTHER MARY. Atlantis Rebel Judgment 2. Develop Your Own Path.

12-01-17. MOTHER MARY. The Ancient Story of the Drug Conspiracy 1 with Jesus Christ.

12-02-17. MOTHER MARY. Fallen Angels in Drugs.

12-03-17. MOTHER MARY. Glossary Definition on Angels & Fallen Angels.

12-04-17. The Ancient Story of the Drug Conspiracy 2 with Jesus Christ.

12-05-17. The Ancient Story of the Drug Conspiracy 3 with Jesus Christ.

12-06-17. The Ancient Story of the Drug Conspiracy 4 with Jesus Christ. Rhesus Monkey Study.


11-30-17. MOTHER MARY. Love's Labors.

11-28-17. MOTHER MARY. Atlantis Rebel Judgment.

11-24-17. MOTHER MARY. "His" Labors.

11-23-17. MOTHER MARY. The Schemes of False Esteem.

11-22-17. MOTHER MARY. The Road of Emmaus. Note: footnote added on page 2.

11-21-17. MOTHER MARY. Omri-Tas on Violet Flame Gift.

11-18-17. MOTHER MARY. Whirling Sun 2. Omri-Tas.

11-17-17. MOTHER MARY. Whirling Sun.

11-16-17. MOTHER MARY. Mind of God.

11-15-17. MOTHER MARY. Mastery With The Cosmic Clock.

11-14-17. MOSHE: Love One Another. Accountability.

11-13-17. MOTHER MARY. Cataclysm 2.

11-12-17. MOTHER MARY. Our Goal: Avoid Cataclysm.

11-11-17. MOSHE. Love One Another. Renaissance Painter.

11-10-17. MOSHE. Love One Another. Children Discipline.

11-09-17. MOSHE. The Grace of "Token" Backdirect.

11-08-17. MOSHE. Love One Another. To Saturate You With Christ.

11-07-17. MOSHE. Love One Another. Matrix of God.

11-06-17. MOSHE. Love One Another.

11-05-17. MOTHER MARY. Friend of Christ.

11-04-17. MOTHER MARY. The Difference in Christ & Buddha. Note: changes made from page 3 on.

11-03-17. MOTHER MARY. Holy Justinius and The Seraphim.

11-02-17. MOTHER MARY. The Dark Cloud.

11-01-17. MOTHER MARY. Plant the Flame of the Elohim Will of God.


The Historical Stream in the Teachings and Revelation 19, and Moses.

10-29-17. Egyptian Soul Essence.

10-28-17. Egyptian Soul Living in Eternity.

10-27-17. Egyptian Vehicles of Eternity.

10-26-17. Egyptian Raising of The Light.

10-25-17. Egyptian Book of the Dead.

8-13-17. MOTHER MARY. The 5:00 O'clock Line of Ignorance.

8-12-17. MOTHER MARY. Saint Germain's vision for the 1990s.

8-11-17. MOTHER MARY. The Conspiracy of Gog and Magog.

8-10-17. MOTHER MARY. The Offering of The Rose of Sharon.

z-8-09-17. MOSES. The System of Hierarchy.

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing.

z-8-08-17. MOTHER MARY & MOSES. The System of Hierarchy.

z-8-07-17. MOSES. The Sanhedrin Psychics.

8-06-17. MOTHER MARY. Beware the River of Death.

8-05-17. MOTHER MARY. The Sword of Peace.

8-04-17. MOTHER MARY. Sowing the Wind & Reaping the Whirlwind.

8-03-17. MOTHER MARY. The Paraclete.

z-8-02-17. MOSES. Keeping the Forcefield on the Sabbath.

z-8-01-17. MOSES. Working on the Sabbath.

z-7-31-17. MOSES. David Line.

z-7-30-17. MOSES. The History of Moses.

z-7-29-17. MOSES. The Talmud.

7-28-17. MOTHER MARY. The Final Judgement of Satan.

7-27-17. MOTHER MARY. True Religion.

7-26-17. MOTHER MARY. The 7 Archangel Dispensation of 1981.

7-25-17. MOTHER MARY. Thankful to be Sons of the Solitude.

7-24-17. MOTHER MARY. The Next Step.

z-7-23-17. MOSES: The Charity Before Passover.

7-21-17. MOTHER MARY. The Responsibilities of Our Love.

7-20-17. MOTHER MARY. The Sign of a Great Liberation. Note: Footnote added on Page 8.

7-19-17. MOTHER MARY. The Mental World.

7-18-17. MOTHER MARY. Glastonbury.

7-17-17. MOTHER MARY. Attunement. Note: Page 2 to 4 on the Holy City was added.


07-4 to 7-16-17. Jesus Christ Teaching on Revelation.

--- Jesus Christ Teaching on Revelation Chapter 1-8.

--- Jesus Christ Teaching on Revelation Chapter 9-13.

--- Jesus Christ Teaching on Revelation Chapter 14-17.

--- Jesus Christ Teaching on Revelation Chapter 18-19.

--- Jesus Christ Teaching on Revelation Chapter 19.

--- Jesus Christ Teaching on Revelation Chapter 20-22.

--- Jesus Christ Teaching on Revelation Chapter 20-22.

--- Jesus Christ Teaching on Revelation Chapter 20-22.


07-03-17. Aramaic Book of Revelation.

07-02-17. First Book of Revelation.

07-01-17. Adam & Eve: Reincarnation.

06-30-17. Adam & Eve: Weeper Madness.

--- Book One.

06-29-17. Summer Solstice To Examine Your Future.

06-28-17. Summer Solstice To Examine Your Future.

06-26-17. Second Advent Teachings. The Books on Adam and Eve.


The Bible Books to Add. From Archaei Mary.

Lost Books: Table of Contents. ----- Gospel of Archaei Mary. ----- Christ and King Abgarius.

----- Paul and Seneca. ----- Trallains. ----- Hermas: Commands.

----- Antichrist: Nicodemus. Acts of Pilate. ----- Antichrist: Letters of Herod and Pilate. ----- Antichrist: Apostle's Creed.

Martin Luther Writings. Yet to be highlighted.

Pope John Paul II: Book on the Advent. Yet to be edited.

1 Esdras (Vulgate 3 Esdras). 2 Esdras (Vulgate 4 Esdras). Song of the Three Children (Vulgate Daniel 3:24-90). The Idol Bel and the Dragon (Vulgate Daniel 14).


US Constitution.

7-22-17. NOSTREDAME: Skeptics & Good Will.

06-27-17. US Constitution Preamble.

04-05-17. Additions to US Constitution.

03-26-17. US Standard of Culture: Research & New US Constitution Inserts.

9-23-16. Final September. US Constitution.



MOTHER MARY: I am told that publishers do not recognize copyrights on dictations as you did not write the dictation and I and My Son Jesus Christ are free to publish our writings anywhere. And that this is the practice industry wide.

There are some current teachings, some from the time period of Camelot. They are to correct errors. Revised by Mother Mary. Moshe.