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4-10-18 "I Only Half Believe What He Says."

4-09-18 The Lazy Americans End Up in India, Bangladesh.

4-17-18. Dolores Cannon.


4-21-18. MOTHER MARY: These topics will be covered soon.

4-08?-18 The Cosmic Clock. Identify Yourself On One Of The Lines As Your Karmic Weakness

4-07?-18 Learn The Fire Quadrant

4-06?-18 The Gallows In Hell

4-05?-18 What Is Your Practice? How A Civilization Endures

4-04?-18 The Time You Spend. Balance Token Karma.

4-03?-18 You And Demons

4-02?-18 Take A Stand! Do Your Practice. Or Lose Everything To The Ever Grinding Wheel Of Karma

4-01?-18 Pyramids And Basketball

3-31?-18 The Arrogance Of Power

3-30?-18. Barbarians At The Gate. Our Isolationist Policy

3-29?-18 Greatest Military Leader Ever: Commander Chatillon

3-28?-18 Roger Whiz Kid Of Computers

3-27?-18 The Blowing Up Of Maldek

3-26?-18 Lightning Technology Of Mother Mary.

3-25?-18 The Bourbons Of France

3-24?-18 Pandemic Contagion Laws As Permanent Policy

3-23?-18 What Is Freedom? It Is The Sabbath

3-22?-18 Classes Of People

3-21?-18 The Naming Of Titles: Marquis, Baron

3-20?-18 Jewish Grandmother Bill Paley

3-19?-18 Two Stokes Making It Through Being Eagles: Michael Jackson & Stevie Wonder

3-18?-18 Moshe: Take A Stand Through Your Practice


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[Pronunciation of Moshe is "Mo-shay".]

--Text: Love decrees. -- Love decrees. Doc file.

--Text: Mother Mary Rosary and Consecration to the Immaculate Heart.

--Text: I AM Affirmations by Jesus Christ.

--Text: Attunement by Mother Mary.

--Text: Lorica Prayer.

--Text: 33.00 Draft.

--Text: Litany.

--Sound: Mother Mary Rosary. -- I Am Affirmations. -- Attunement. -- Lorica. -- Consecration to Immaculate Heart of Mary.

--Sound: Safety in the Ark of the Lord.

--Text: Benediction Prayer from Numbers. Sound file.

-- Sound files. Music Lead-In. For Sabbath Service. 1. Begin the Service. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. --9. Festival --10. Liturgy --100. Close

9-30-17. MOSES: Fire on the Altar. (Decree 5.00)

--Sound: The Six Cosmic Light Calls.

9-29-17. MOSES: Flame of the Ark.

9-28-17. MOSES: Custom: Candle Flames. (Decree 1.00)

--Sound: The Keepers Daily Prayer.

9-14-17. MOSES: Teachings on Sabbath Pentecost.

10-31-17. Marriage-Dating Policy.


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3-16-18. Reality Check: 17th Century Common Law in Action.

3-15-18. Reality Check: Canon Law and Cosmic Law Purpose.

3-14-18. Reality Check: Canon Law and Industry.

3-13-18. Reality Check: Canon Law and Moshe Commandments.

3-12-18. Reality Check: 11:00 O'Clock Line Hour Laws.

3-11-18. Reality Check: Law Education. Monopoly

3-10-18. Reality Check: Law Education. Marbury v. Madison.

3-09-18. Reality Check: Law Education.

3-07-18. Reality Check: Fighting For The United States.

3-06-18. Reality Check: Main Code Book.

3-05-18. Reality Check: West Aptos.

3-04-18. Reality Check: Karmic Board.

2-23-18. Reality Check: Define Rock & Roll.

--Sound: Brenda Lee: Jingle Bell Rock.

2-22-18. Reality Check: All Roads Lead to Moshe.

--Sound: "I Got the Meat"

2-15-18. Michael Jackson's Teachers: The US Dance Band.

--Sound: 1. "A Big Band Christmas". --- 2. --- 3. Vocal. --- 4. --- 5. --- 6.

2-12-18. Homeopathy Lesson: Recipes.

2-11-18. Homeopathy Lesson: Mercury or Polychrest.

2-10-18. Reality Check: The History of Homeopathy.

2-09-18. Reality Check: The Making of A Machine.

2-07-18. Reality Check: Starting To Use Homeopathy.

2-06-18. Reality Check: Tramp Demon.

2-04-18. Reality Check: Spreadsheet Record of Karma. -- Think and Grow Rich.

2-02-18. Reality Check: Seasons of Grace. --Sound: Bassoon and other expressions.

2-01-18. Reality Check: Frederick Douglass.

1-31-18. Reality Check: Way of Life Singing.

1-30-18. MOTHER MARY: It is a blessing of others or a "well-wishing" music.

Michael Jackson: All you hear is the cymbal, bass, and triangle. The only use of the drum set otherwise is the rolling introduction normally associated with military, faintly so. This is the "standard" for the use of the drums. The brass sound is superb.--Sound: --- 1 Glenn Miller's Use of Drums. --- 2 Christmas. --- 3 Christmas. --- 4. Etc. --- 5. --- 6. --- 7. --- 8. --- 9. --- 10. --- 11.

1-28-18. Reality Check: Assessment Charge to the Diocese.

1-19-18. MOTHER MARY: Buds in Gifted World.

1-18-18. MOTHER MARY: These are samples of Erich Kunzel's music. He is an adept. You will find the Big Band era sound.

--Sound: Kunzel: Wave. Typist: From "Sailing". It becomes the expansive sound of Percy Faith.

--Sound: Kunzel: Ebb Tide. US ballroom. The fun dance halls.

--Sound: Kunzel: By the Sleepy Lagoon. Big Band sound.

--Sound: Kunzel: Dear Father. Religious theme. Sine wave to the Sun again.

1-17-18. Reality Check: Imaging. --Sound: St. James Infirmary. -- When the Saints Go Marchin' In.

1-16-18. Reality Check: You Have Free Speech.

1-15-18. Reality Check: Humanism.

1-07-18. CHAMUEL: Church Authority at Work.

1-05-18. Father George's Miracle Escape.

1-04-18. Miracles At Work.

1-03-18. God's Work With You.

1-02-18. Angel Work in Government.

1-01-18. ALPHA: New Year 2018.

1-01-18. ALPHA: On Quaker George Fox.


12-19-17. Playing God.

12-18-17. The Failure of the Original US Constitution.

12-17-17. More on History of the Military Law Council.

12-16-17. Reiterating Elohim Astrea Policy on Red China.

11-27-17. Reality Check. Mao Famine.

11-26-17. Marijuana-Deathdrug Warning.

11-26-17. Reality Check. Kill With God Authoriity.

-- Negroid Genocide. Party Invitation.

11-25-17. Reality Check. Michael Jackson Plays Chopin.

--Sound: Chopin Polonaise No. 3.

11-25-17. Jesus Thanksgiving: Build for Eternity.

11-24-17. Jesus Thanksgiving: This is God's Country.

11-24-17. Reality Check. Low Prices.

11-23-17. Where Are We This Thanksgiving 2017?

11-20-17. Reality Check. Law.

11-19-17. Reality Check. Law.

10-30-17. "Do I have soul?" Examples. Deep River.

10-24-17. Ford in River. Sadducees Or Christianity.

10-23-17. Reality Check Ahead. The Jesus Mission.

10-22-17. Altar Work.

10-21-17. The Elizabeth Prophet Path.

10-20-17. Judgment of the LORD GOD. Northern California Fires.

10-20-17. Graffiti.

10-19-17. Confronting Stalking Behavior.

10-18-17. Breaking the Silence.

10-17-17. Abuse of Power in Sex.

10-16-17. On Elizabeth Prophet.

10-15-17. Secret Rays Not Tampered With.

10-14-17. Secret Rays Not Tampered With.

10-13-17. Secret Rays Not Tampered With.

10-12-17. Secret Rays Not Tampered With.

10-11-17. On Deuteronomy

10-10-17. Current Jews.

10-09-17. Why the King of the Jews Defiance.

10-08-17. King David Story Extortion.

10-07-17. Replace "Stoning" with "Electric Chair".

10-06-17. A Safe Binding In Religion.

10-05-17. The Catholics.

10-04-17. The Horrors of Evil.

10-03-17. The Archangels For the Earth.

10-02-17. Force of Evil. Evil Liturgy.

10-01-17. Name of God Defined.

9-27-17. Judgment of False Hierarchy.

9-27-17. Questions & Answers with the Rai of Suern.

9-26-17. Rai of Suern Speaks to Christ Church.

9-25-17. Message to the Summit Lighthouse.

9-24-17. Message to the Summit Lighthouse.

9-23-17. Nostredame Speaks to the U.S. Catholic Church.

9-22-17. Message to the Summit Lighthouse.

9-21-17. Message to the Summit Lighthouse.

9-20-17. Message to the Summit Lighthouse.

9-19-17. Sabbath Sample Reworkings.

9-19-17. Message to the Summit Lighthouse.

9-18-17. Message to the Summit Lighthouse.

9-17-17. Message to the Summit Lighthouse.

9-16-17. Message to the Summit Lighthouse.

9-14-17. Website History.

9-10-17. Amos & Andy. Chosen People.

9-??-17. Jesus.

9-08-17. Amos & Andy. Self-Improvement Work.

9-06 to 07-17. On Moses: Being Alive Coach.

9-05-17. Moses: Enduring the Desert. Priest.

9-04-17. Moses: Community Godfathers. 9th Commandment.

9-03-17. Amos & Andy. Seventh Commandment. Judaeo.

9-02-17. Amos & Andy. Overcoming Insolence.

9-01-17. Washington Carver on Life. First-Aid Medicine Article. Amos & Andy.

8-31-17. The Steamboat Trips With Michael Jackson 3. ---Holy Spirit Fall On Me.

8-30-17. El Morya Speaks to the Summit Lighthouse.

8-30-17. Amos & Andy. Missionary Work.

8-30-17. Message to the Summit Lighthouse.

8-29-17. Message to the Summit Lighthouse.

8-28-17. Message to the Summit Lighthouse.

8-27-17. Message to the Summit Lighthouse.

8-26-17. Message to the Summit Lighthouse.

8-25-17. Message to the Summit Lighthouse.

8-29-17. Amos & Andy. Habits of Good Judgment.

8-28-17. Amos & Andy. The Imagery You Project.

8-27-17. Amos & Andy. Habits of Movement.

-- Posture

8-26-17. B.B. King. Habits of Writing.

Model English: Table of Contents.

--- Section 1: Model English: Page 5-Imitation.

--- Section 1: Model English: Page 9-Sentence Period.

--- Section 2: Model English: Page 16-Exercises in Imitation.

--- Section 2: Model English: Page 36-Analysis of Periods.

8-25-17. B.B. King. Habits of Thoughts.

8-24-17. The Teachings of B.B. King. The Thrill Is Gone.

8-23-17. The Teachings of B.B. King. Gestures.

8-22-17. The Teachings of B.B. King. Suffrage.

8-21-17. The Reprimand 5. Jesus Christ Speaks. ---Scott Joplin: Solace.

8-20-17. The Reprimand 4. History of This Pollution Music.

8-19-17. The Reprimand of Michael Jackson by His Teachers 3.

8-18-17. The Reprimand of Michael Jackson by His Teachers 2. ---Love Lifted Me. ---The Lord's Prayer. ---Living Lord. ---The Redeemer Liveth.

8-17-17. The Reprimand of Michael Jackson by His Teachers 1.

8-16-17. The Steamboat Trips With Michael Jackson. ---God Is.

8-15-17. The Steamboat Trips With Michael Jackson. ---Holy Ground.

The Historical Stream in the Teachings and Revelation 19, and Moses.

8-14-17. Michael Jackson edits for MOTHER MARY: ...from A Mother's Heart.

8-13-17. MOTHER MARY. The 5:00 O'clock Line of Ignorance.


06-27-17. US Constitution Preamble.

06-26-17. Second Advent Teachings. The Books on Adam and Eve.

06-25-17. Hallucinate Drugs 32. Our Home. ---What's Going On. ---Superstition.

06-24-17. Hallucinate Drugs 31. Melisma.

---Johann Sebastian Bach: Hasse nur, hasse mich recht

---Johann Sebastian Bach: Hasse nur...Cello sheet.

06-23-17. Hallucinate Drugs 30. Melisma.

---Johann Sebastian Bach: Fugue, Das alte Jahr vergangen ist.

---Johann Sebastian Bach: Praeludium & Fuge.

06-22-17. Hallucinate Drugs 29. Melisma.

---Scott Joplin: The Easy Winners.

06-21-17. Hallucinate Drugs 28. Perception.

---Classic Rag: Bearcats Notes.

06-20-17. Hallucinate Drugs 27. The Soul Hears Enharmonic.

---Scott Joplin: The Cascades.

06-19-17. Hallucinate Drugs 26. Soul Hears Music Keys.

---Scott Joplin: Peacherine.

06-18-17. Hallucinate Drugs 25. Soul Substance.

---Java Man.

06-17-17. Hallucinate Drugs 24. Expansive Sound. Soul Values.

---This Woman.

---Agnus Dei.

06-16-17. Hallucinate Drugs 23. Train Up A Child.

---America: Sister Golden Hair.

06-15-17. Hallucinate Drugs 22. The Soul Is Precious. Watch the Disclaimers.

---Michael Jackson: Ben.

06-14-17. Hallucinate Drugs 21. The Soul Is Precious.

---Simple Gifts.

06-13-17. Hallucinate Drugs 20. Can the Soul Die?


06-12-17. Hallucinate Drugs 19. Language of the Soul.

---Michael Jackson: ABC.

06-11-17. Hallucinate Drugs 18. Music of Home.


---American the Beautiful, God Bless America, Battle Hymn of The Republic.

06-10-17. Hallucinate Drugs 17. Christianity: National Standard.

---Stevie Wonder: I Pity the Fool.

---Michael Jackson: Big Boy.

06-09-17. Hallucinate Drugs 16. How The R&B Soul Music Got Lost.

---Stevie Wonder: Knocks Me Off My Feet.

---Michael Jackson: You Are Not Alone.

06-08-17. Hallucinate Drugs 15. R&B Soul Music.

---Stevie Wonder: Village Ghetto Land.

---Michael Jackson: Rockin' Robin.

06-07-17. Hallucinate Drugs 14. Hallucinate Music. The Primitive Beat.

---Uptown Funk.

06-06-17. Hallucinate Drugs 13. The Integrity of The Mind.

06-05-17. Hallucinate Drugs 12. Moses: Choose Life Not Death.

06-04-17. Hallucinate Drugs 11. Officious Tyranny on the Streets.

06-03-17. Hallucinate Drugs 10. Property Values Lowered.

06-02-17. Hallucinate Drugs 9. The Desert.


06-01-17. Hallucinate Drugs 8. Politicians.

05-31-17. Hallucinate Drugs 7. False Initiation.

---Ventura Highway.

---A Horse With No Name.

05-30-17. Hallucinate Drugs 6. The Violence of Hash-Marijuana, Cocaine, Amphetimines.

05-29-17. Hallucinate Drugs 5. Headwinds.

05-28-17. Hallucinate Drugs 4. Freedom of Conscience.

05-27-17. Hallucinate Drugs 3. Image of Morality Structure Breakdown.

05-26-17. Hallucinate Drugs 2. When Love Is Not Enough.

05-25-17. Hallucinate Drugs 1. All Hallucinate Drugs Are Poison.

05-24-17. Public Education 25. Rhetoric.

05-23-17. Public Education 24. Subversive Thinking.

05-22-17. Public Education 23. The Kingdom of Sex Power.

05-21-17. Public Education 22. No Fornication.

05-20-17. Public Education 21. Homosexuality.

05-19-17. Public Education 20. At the Canteen: A Love for Wisdom.

05-18-17. Public Education 19. Defending Against Fascism.

05-17-17. Public Education 13. Coveting. Jihad Bee.

05-16-17. Public Education 18. Since the Fall of Man.

05-15-17. Public Education 17. Describe the Etheric Quadrant in Crime.

05-14-17. Public Education 16. The Dynasty of the Threefold Flame.

05-13-17. Public Education 15. Teaching Values of the Threefold Flame.

05-12-17. Public Education 14. University Defense Education.

05-11-17. Public Education 13. Coveting. Honky Tonk. Manipulation.

05-10-17. Public Education 12. Coveting. Military Man. Hatred.

05-09-17. Public Education 11. The Leader of A Company Reincarnating.

05-08-17. Public Education 10. The Fascism Economy Model.

05-07-17. Public Education 9. The Leader of A Company Reincarnating.

05-06-17. Public Education 8. 7 Years of Grain.

05-05-17. Public Education 7. Universal Religion (Catholic) Seminaries.

05-04-17. Public Education 6. Lamb of God.

05-03-17. Public Education 5. Times Change.

05-02-17. Public Education 4. Erich Fromm.

05-01-17. Public Education 3. To Gain in Life.

04-30-17. Public Education 2. Religion is Far Ahead.

04-29-17. Public Education 1. Tic Toc Reason.

04-28-17. US Standard of Culture, Threefold Flame 4. Spins.

04-27-17. US Standard of Culture, Threefold Flame 3.

04-26-17. US Standard of Culture, Threefold Flame 2.

04-25-17. US Standard of Culture, Threefold Flame 1.

04-24-17. US Standard of Culture, Knowing Fascism 2.

04-23-17. Message to the Summit Lighthouse Chelas.

04-22-17. US Standard of Culture, Knowing Fascism 1.

04-21-17. US Standard of Culture, Not Working for the Pillow.

04-20-17. US Standard of Culture, Work Ethic. Mission.

04-19-17. US Standard of Culture: Monopoly. ---Do You Know The Way to San Jose.

04-18-17. US Standard of Culture: Patriotic Music. ---Superstition. ---What's Going On. ---Stars & Stripes Forever. ---Oklahoma!

04-17-17. US Standard of Culture: Life Mission in Music. ---Love's In Need of Love Today. ---Have A Talk With God.

04-16-17. US Standard of Culture: Focus of Love. ---Stevie Wonder sings You Are The Sunshine of My Life. ---Johnny Mathis sings ...Sunshine. ---Ebony Eyes.

04-15-17. Special Bulletin on Sheik of Dubai.

04-14-17. Special Bulletin on Shark.

04-13-17. US Standard of Culture: Work Ethic. Seventh Ray Action. Louis Armstrong sings What A Wonderful World.

04-12-17. US Standard of Culture: Bill Paley. Work Ethic.

04-11-17. US Standard of Culture: Harry Luce. Work Ethic. US Constitution Change.

04-10-17. US Standard of Culture: Harry Luce. Third World Work Ethic.

04-09-17. US Standard of Culture: Harry Luce. Various Work Ethic.

04-08-17. US Standard of Culture: Harry Luce & Roger Williams. Work Ethic.

04-07-17. US Standard of Culture: Harry Luce & Roger Williams. Builder.

04-06-17. US Standard of Culture: Ten Commandments.

04-05-17. Additions to US Constitution.

04-04-17. US Standard of Culture: Jarvis Raymond. News Reporting is to Have You Think.

04-03-17. US Standard of Culture: Jarvis Raymond. Today's News Reporter.

04-02-17. US Standard of Culture: Jarvis Raymond. The Sheriff.

04-01-17. Finishing the US Constitution.

03-31-17. US Standard of Culture: Judeo-Christian Rules.

03-30-17. Islam Worships. 9 Yr. Old Male Children Whip The Mother.

03-30-17. US Standard of Culture: On The Tonight Show and Larry King.

03-29-17. US Standard of Culture: On Bewitched.

03-28-17. US Standard of Culture: Matisse, Picasso, Rembrandt.

03-27-17. US Standard of Culture: CBS Bill Paley of CBS Background.

03-26-17. US Standard of Culture: Research & New US Constitution Inserts.

03-25-17. US Culture: Not Free Market Trade But Black Trade.

03-24-17. US Standard of Culture: Imperialism.

03-23-17. US Military Law Council Analogy.

03-22-17. US Standard of Culture: Jefferson's Party.

03-21-17. US Standard of Culture: US Media Controlled.

03-20-17. US Standard of Culture: US Media In Having Principle.

03-19-17. US Standard of Culture: NY Times Jarvis Raymond.

03-18-17. US Standard of Culture: News Reporting.

03-17-17. US Standard of Culture: TV Bill Paley.

03-07-17. US Standard of Culture: Times Harry Luce.

03-06-17. US Standard of Culture.

03-16-17. The Confession Letters.

03-12-17. US Standard of Culture: Crime Clean-up. ...Stalking Chapter.

03-03-17. JESUS on the Throne of England.

Jan to Feb. The Confession Letters.

02-26-17. Killabortion: Soap Operas Into the Centuries.

02-23-17. Agriculture: Beauty and Culture.

02-22-17. Agriculture in the United States.

02-21-17. Genocide: Planned Parenthood in Killabortion.

02-18-17. The Media Serpent. Killabortion.

02-17-17. The Media Serpent. High Priest Caiaphas.

02-16-17. JP Morgan and JP Getty on Deathhead Obama. Jesus Christ on Marijuana-deathdrug Legalizations.

02-15-17. "Collusion" Book. The Media Serpent

02-14-17. Necromancy. Hitler.

02-12-17. The Evil Eye.

02-10-17. Profanity. Microwaving.

02-09-17. Moses.

02-07-17. The Fall of Man.

01-20-17. Christ & Soul Psychic.

01-20-17. Nostredame Predictions on The Catholic Church.

01-15-17. Necromancy.

01-08-17. Pope John Paul Gospel 2.

01-07-17. Pope John Paul Gospel 1.

01-06-17. Catholic Church Schools 7. "Sleazy".

01-05-17. Catholic Church Schools 6. Sun.

01-05-17. Catholic Church Schools 5.

Archangel Raphael

01-04-17. Catholic Church Schools 4.

01-04-17. Serapis Bey: The Study Group Leader.

01-03-17. Catholic Church Schools 3.

01-03-17. Catholic Church Schools 2.

01-03-17. Catholic Church Schools 1.

01-02-17. Catholic Church. Archaei Mary & Jesus Christ Mandate. Decree 20.07.

01-02-17. Catholic Church. Defining Charismatic Movement. Reposted.

01-01-17. New Years Day. Defining Demagoguery.

01-01-17. New Years Day. Leadership Considerations.

01-01-17. New Years Day. Faith Thinking.

01-01-17. New Years Day. Demagoguery in Writing.


-->Rosary. Archaei Mary Rosary.

1. Rosary music.

2. Rosary music, airplane.

3. Rosary music, Scott Joplin in C.

4. Rosary music, Paganini.

5. Rosary music, Lift Every Voice & Sing. Fast 20m Rosary.

6. Rosary music, Bach 578 Harp, Fast 20 Minute Rosary.

7. Rosary music, Bach 578 Pipe Organ, Fast 20m Rosary.

8. Rosary music, Bach 578 Organ, Fast 20 Minute Rosary.

9. Rosary music, Bach 578 Guitar, Fast 20 Minute Rosary.

Sound Creation.

Lord's Prayer. Accompanying music.

Sheep May Safely Graze Chant. Accompanying music.

Isaiah's Government Chant. Accompanying music.

Lorica Chant. Accompanying music.

Joyful Lord's Prayer. Accompanying music.

The Blight Chant. Accompanying music.

JS Bach "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" Music. (28 minute Chant later.) Accompanying music.



Nostradamus Quatrains

Michel de Nostredame Writings.